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The Fabio Rusconi brand was created in 1998 on a return flight from Japan, a destination dear to the brand's CEO.

Since the beginning, the creative direction has been built upon a prototype of minimal sophistication. The design is high but not elitist, superb but never snobbish, cosmopolitan but with its heels rooted in its hometown of Florence, Italy.

The most complex task is to adapt to the cultures and needs of all Fabio Rusconi customers around the world; to communicate the company's philosophy, namely that the customer is and remains the center of the brand's universe, which is made from leather but above all, emotion.

Fabio Rusconi


Twenty years have passed, and the results show that this choice has proven to be the right one, as long as no one lets their guard down, not even for a moment. Starting with Fabio himself.

Those who work at Fabio Rusconi have worn out their soles with travels, experiences and heightened attention to fashion trends and those who follow them.

Our shoes take us around the world, toward loved ones, toward a dream. Let's choose them carefully.

Fabio Rusconi
Fabio Rusconi

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