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Fabio Rusconi shoes are made in Italy by skilled artisans, following the age-old techniques
and traditions used in Italian shoe production. Quality, precision and integrity are central to the Fabio Rusconi ethos. We are passionate about our craft and the process involved, ensuring equal time and care goes into every pair of shoes we make.

Fabio Rusconi shoes are made with fine, high-quality materials, which will age beautifully over time with the right care and attention.
Never attempt to clean your shoes with soap or water. You may use leather care products where appropriate, carefully following the instruction information. Prior to use ensure that leather care products are spot tested in an inconspicuous area to test colour fastness.

Keep your Fabio Rusconi shoes out of contact with alcohol, oils, solvents and water, including exposure to rain.
If your shoes become wet, allow them to dry naturally away from any direct source of heat.

Always store your Fabio Rusconi shoes in their care bag placed inside the shoebox and out of direct sunlight and heat. Ensure shoes with crystals and/or hardware are stored in such a way the accessories are not pulling on any outer fabrication of the shoes. Ensure the shoes are well ventilated before storage.

For more information please contact us directly on and we will be very happy to assist you.

Love your shoes and they will love you back.

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